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    Are recruiters redundant in the world of the Tinder generation

    We’ve all heard the terrifying statistics around workforce automation: a net loss of five million jobs in 15 major economies by 2020 , 2.6 million robots in work by 2019 , and 47% of jobs at risk of being taken over , including almost half of UK jobs in the next twenty years . We see it happening every day – with ATMs, self-checkout counters and personal assistants. The robots are coming.

    Life of java

    In a recent survey of more than 3000 coding tests that businesses are running, the over-riding languages preferred by businesses as a whole are the un-shakables at the top end: Java, enabled in 100% of those tested, alongside Python, C, C++, Ruby and C#.

    The present of presenting

    If you want to know how to be an MVP, specifically how to be a Microsoft MVP, it’s not enough to be an expert. You need to show everyone else you’re an expert. It’s not about shameless self-promotion: it’s about sharing the knowledge, sharing the love, becoming a pioneer for your area of expertise. Here are some public speaking tips, whether it’s at local groups, meetings, user groups or (deep breath) conferences.

    C is for sexy

    Sometimes nerves can get a tad frayed when it comes to programming language. First off, it appears there’s a bit of discord over what the differences actually are between JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and C#

    Being a thought leader

    A thought leader might sound like some kind of mindreading dystopian dictator from the novel 1984, but it’s also something you need to become if you want to be an MVP. It’s not enough just to consume content: you need to conceive, create and deliver content that will define the way people think about your technology.