We know our candidates, do you?

Our Christmas Card list is getting out of hand…

We don’t know if you’ve heard, but at onezeero., we’re a little different. We’re a candidate-centric company that work with top talent in all stages of their career on a personal basis. We like to think of ourselves as the fun uncle of modern tech, sharp enough to provide some wordly-advice to our candidates, but cool enough that we’re up-to-date with the latest trends and the biggest brands. Just don’t ask us to take a selfie.

That’s why, on Get to Know Your Customers Day, we decided to take a different approach. Now, we’re not saying that our customers aren’t important – we fully appreciate that without our client’s trust in our services, we wouldn’t be around to tell this tale – it’s just that, in our opinion, recruitment is so focused on pleasing the client that they forget that other vital part of the service: the candidate. And if you don’t have a happy candidate, a candidate that knows that they are right for the role and the company is right for them, you’ll have a retention problem. And that makes an unhappy customer. So, here’s how we do it. 

We know our stuff

You have to be an industry fanatic to join our team. Our consultants are aligned by vertical and boy, do they know their stuff. Irrespective of whether they’re into financial tech or data and analytics, our consultants are genuine subject matter experts in their field, with the industry reputation and networks to prove it. As a result, when we talk to candidates, we can speak tech to tech, expert to expert. This means starting the relationship off on the right foot, with trust and common understanding. 

We’re responsive

When we speak to our candidates we talk simply, clearly, honestly. Nothing impacts on a candidate’s impressions of a brand worse than a poor candidate experience. For us, this means delayed response times, lack of communication, or worse, ghosting. As an actual partner to our clients, we can relay consistent messages, keeping candidates in the loop and consequently, engaged. We’re also realistic with timescales – for both our clients and our candidates – to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible. Being open with your candidates encourages transparency back. We have always believed that honesty is the best policy.

Nice to see you, to see you, nice

We’re a modern company with traditional values, so we believe in getting to know our candidates and our clients the old fashioned way – face to face. We host regular tech meet ups (including TechMeetsTalent – an innovative approach to networking designed by our parent company Lorien) and networking events, as well as seminars on up-and-coming trends and shifts in the market (such as our very recent data science event in London). This helps us to get to know our candidates on a personal basis and in a relaxed, non-corporate environment. We know better than anyone just how tech is making it easy to distance yourself from reality and we’re determined to stay connected with our candidates – we view them as individuals, not numbers on paper.

Meet my mate

Getting to know your candidate can also mean getting to know the people they know. From a recruitment perspective of course tapping into referral and alumni networks is important (it’s pretty much what we’re all about!) but it can also help to give insight into what the candidate values, likes and who they associate with. We don’t mean that in a creepy way. Typically, good people know good people and by understanding one person you can begin to get some clue into how their network functions. 

We’re not strangers

Don’t be that person that only gets in contact when you want something. ‘Hey John, I know we haven’t spoken for ten years, but are you interested in XX job?’ At the best, it’s lazy, at the worst, you risk offending someone with a role that would have been suitable for them almost a decade ago. We’re not suggesting phoning up every Monday morning (we think that would be tedious for all involved), but keeping candidates in the loop about opportunities that are coming up, new clients that we’re getting involved with and how the market is changing means that we get to stay in touch with some of our best talent. We also encourage candidates to keep us up-to-date on their whereabouts and when their priorities change so we can ensure that we’re only providing the most relevant news. 

We ask the right questions

That’s not ‘how much are you currently on?’, by the way. It’s ‘which skillsets are you looking to develop?’, ‘what matters to you most in a company?’ and ‘what’s the biggest push factor in a role for you?’ Crucially, we always ask whether a candidate can imagine working in their new office – that’s how we make sure that the candidate is exactly aligned to what they’re looking for (and what our client is!)

We get feedback

Sometimes, the truth hurts. Other times, it’s really important to inform strategy and understand how we’re being perceived in the market. Our clients and candidates are invited to give regular feedback on our service, both formally and informally, so we can understand what we’re doing well and where we need to improve. It’s only by doing this that we can get to know what our candidate’s need and get better at it. We have an incredibly high candidate satisfaction NPS rate, and attribute this to always sitting up and paying attention when we need to. 

Now, we’re not saying that we’re besties with our candidates, but what we do have is a relationship that is built on trust, honesty and sincerity. As our candidates grow in their careers, we hope they feel they can always rely on us to have their backs – after all, no one gets you quite like your favourite uncle. Onezeero. therefore want to wish all our candidates a very happy Get to Know Your Client Candidate Day!