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letter to my graduate self.

Derek Mackenzie Managing Director of Onezeero.

Derek Mackenzie

Managing Director

Dear Derek,

It’s already been an eventful year for you;  a close shave with a very large bomb, recent graduation and your current ‘career dilemma’, have all conspired to make these 12 months you’ll never forget.

Hopefully you’ve already learnt a valuable lesson, having naively prioritised nightlife over your studies and consequently missing a First class honours degree by 1% (!).  That’s done now and, in time, you’ll realise that these things aren’t as important a few years down the line.

It’s a brave decision not to go to Law school, given that’s been the plan for quite some time and I know it came after much soul-searching.  You’re full of doubt right now but, trust me, this doubt will become galvanizing when you start your career and its vestiges will drive you for years to come.

Now you’ve got to focus on what you’ve got going for you: your (almost) stellar degree and two years’ experience successfully flogging cologne in Manchester’s finest department stores.  Don’t underestimate the value of that sales experience; think of all the aftershave you’ve shifted, despite the fact some were distinctly redolent of 70s gigolos and startled small children at twenty paces!

You’ve applied for a ‘Graduate IT Recruitment Consultant’ role yet you don’t really understand what the job entails; that’s okay, what you do know is that you’re ambitious, can think creatively and you’re persuasive (healthy aftershave sales a case in point). So, when prepping for that pending assessment centre, don’t forget your recent brush with that very large bomb; I bet they ask you to present and it’s a dramatic story which I doubt any of your competitors will be able to match. 

So relax, young Derek, all will be fine.  You may feel a bit out of your depth as you contemplate a career in the crazy world of recruitment, but I’ve got a feeling you’ll go far.
Finally, never ignore that persistent voice in your head saying, “Would you like another spritz, sir?”, it’ll spur you on when the going gets tough.

Lots of love,